Katherine has been of invaluable help to me in so very many areas of my life.  Our journey started together when she gave me some assistance with “accessorizing” my living room space.  That led to her asking me questions that caused me to ponder the purpose of the “stuff” that I had all around me.  Did I love it?  Did it make my heart sing?  What did I feel when coming into my space?  She has a true intuitive sense of color, form, style, and space that has really improved the space where I live.  She is a brilliant light beam that I feel privileged to know and to have worked with.  

Katherine Perrin brings a delightful change to any environment.  Katherine has an artistic eye, intuitive nature and practical sense that she brings to the environment you want to change.  She does not push, just gives great ideas for change.  She truly has an extraordinary vision and it seems to come so naturally to her.  She is very intelligent and extremely intuitive at the same time.

I am the director of a spiritual center in No. California and when whether on the spot or a planned project Katherine has been available and willing to charge right into the job and to bring a successful close within a very short amount of time.  She is the best!  Anyone who brings Katherine into “changing” the current situation for something better will not be disappointed.

I have practiced yoga for many years, and for the last three with Katherine Perrin.  She is unquestionably the best teacher I have ever had.  Her unique mindfulness approach gets me out of my head and listening to my body.  She has helped me immensely on my journey of self-discovery, making room for all of my emotions through the practice of postures and breath work.  I find I am more focused and calmer, my posture continues to improve, and I feel better than I ever have.  I am very grateful for Katherine’s sensitivity, patience, and compassion.

Precise direction that allows me to go deeply inward, you have one of the few classes I can honestly keep my eyes shut the whole time. Reflective, humorous, encouraging oneself not to be taken too seriously, intuitive, rhythmic…  Fluid and flowing,  yet you hold postures and poses longer than most which again makes me turn inward to areas of discomfort, hugely beneficial.  Appreciated by all levels.