Planet as Home

If  you want to clean up the world – begin with sweeping your own doorstep.    Russian proverb

Have you ever considered that the planet is like our huge living room?  We all live on this planet, it is home to all of us and we all contribute to its atmosphere.

At its root, the ecological crisis is not about too much carbon, too many people, too much waste and too many toxic products. It is not about bad policy and inefficient technology. It is about us. We have forgotten what we are. In our scramble to accumulate and possess, to understand and control, we have lost touch with our connection to ourselves and one another.

I am excited about making lifestyle changes
in my own life that encourage global Well Being.

What part will you play in caring for the planet?  There is a special richness, I feel, in trying to live in a way that is open to all, in being a part of a movement to share the world’s riches fairly and to feel that no one need suffer because of the way I live.

Do you share this view?  If yes, reach out and let me know your thoughts about taking care of our shared space. I’d love to hear from you.