2. I let It flow…

the words spill forth to call me home – a cry, a longing to welcome myself back into my own sweet embrace, an embrace that nurtures, holds and honors

an invitation to meet myself just as I am…encountering and witnessing the space within and without through my newly inserted lens of kindness, compassion and patience

this journey home isn’t evidence based, but rather it invites me to be sensory savvy, clean, clear and uncluttered in my preferences and demanding in my pursuit

allowing myself the freedom of space to land within, marvel, delight and surrender into the blessing of the breath, the foundation of form and the mystery of divine connection

sensing something more, bigger, larger, maybe less … may I be swept up by, embraced within and held close by the sweet presence of love – my very own self

stepping into my own grace, choose, again, again and again to recall the perfection of myself as creation, the wholeness of me as God’s expression and the juiciness of me as the feminine

surrender the critical thinking, the judgements and perfection script.  feel, watch, allow and breathe into the miracle moment of now. making room for all that arises and releasing the grip of fear that corrals, coerces or corners me into believing I am not enough. it is bullshit

precious One, stay really close to your self, the part that reMembers the Truth… Dwell Well in that Truth. marinate in it.  breathe it, bathe in it.  let it melt away the lies, the story line and the accusations of less than

peace be still and rest in the stillness of surrender, the sweetness of divine connection and the messiness of being human

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