1. And so I begin…

It is a snowy, cold evening in New England and I find myself with some extra quiet time.  I usually teach on Wednesday evenings and find this extra time/space as an opening to write this ‘welcome to these inspirations’ piece.  And… I’ve had plenty of other opportunities to write this welcome.  So why the delay?  What causes me this pregnant pause?  The perceived risk of being vulnerablefear!  What if you don’t like, or worse yet – don’t agree with what I have to say? ‘What if’s’ have stalled me for a long time… until now.

Welcome to these pages where I intend to risk, reveal, share and shine.

For a long time, I’ve been dedicated to transforming spaces.  And recently it became so vividly clear to me – I love transformation!  I love bearing witness to it, suggesting it, supporting it, being a part of it, feeling it, knowing what to do to encourage it and to witness it unfolding when the discomfort of not expanding is greater than the perceived risk.  Thank you to all of you who have embraced the fear and the perceived risk and moved beyond the perceived limits.  Indeed, perception is everything.

It is my heart that you find a seed that gets planted in you by reading this site and these musings.  May you be inspired by your desire to want to feel good.  Come home to yourself – you are worth it!

Much Love,



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