Little did I know what began as frustration would lead me to my heart’s inspiration.

As a child I moved a lot. It became routine for me to create familiarity and comfort in my spaces as a way to adjust to my new surroundings. Years later, when I met Feng Shui, I felt right at home in its ancient wisdom. In some way I had been practicing it all along.

According to Feng Shui, our home is a mirror of our life. I often wondered – is it the chicken or the egg – is my home hectic because my life is hectic, or is my life hectic because my home is hectic?

For me, it really didn’t matter. While sometimes, it could feel daunting to bring order into my entire life, my nomadic childhood taught me that I could always bring order and comfort into my home. And there I began.

Eventually, I met myself on the yoga mat. I had practiced yoga for many years before I realized I wasn’t really at home in my body. Little by little, I learned to see and then accept myself as I was. Only then was I able to be the person I wanted to be in the world. Enduring change could happen only after radical self-acceptance. And there began the journey to come home to myself.

At some point, it began to dawn on me that the planet was also my home. The planet is our living room – we all contribute to its atmosphere. What part will I play in caring for the planet as my home? This journey is on-going.

It all came together. My house is my home. My body is my home. The planet is my home. And now I fully inhabit, tend to and honor all three.

My work is to help others weave together their three homes. I notice a similar thread with clients – they all yearn to experience comfort, order and beauty in their lives as they come home to themselves.